3 Good Reasons To Install An Alarm System In You Live In A Hurricane-Prone Area

Posted on: 14 September 2017

Whether it is the Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast, or the eastern Carolinas, these areas have a wealth of beauty to offer to residents. The unfortunate fact is that these areas are just a few of those that are also prone to hurricanes. If you live in a home in a hurricane-prone area, this means there are a lot of things you will have to do as a resident to be prepared. For example, you may invest in storm shutters to protect your windows or invest in extra flood insurance. However, there is one thing that you should also do to keep your home protected, and that is to have a good home security system installed. Here are a few reasons why that is the case. 

A security system will be extremely important during evacuation orders. 

When evacuation orders come in to vacate your area, it can be difficult to pack up and leave your home not knowing what will happen when you leave. However, before the threat of the hurricane, there is also a threat of looters. It is not uncommon for looters to stay behind in spite of evacuation orders to try and get their hands on things and get into people's homes. A good security system will keep your home locked and secure, and it will also sound an alarm if someone tries to break in. 

A security system can alert you if there is a fire in your home. 

Fires during hurricanes are a common occurrence for a few reasons. For one, any sparks carried into your area could ignite because of the winds carrying them into flammable objects. Plus, it is not uncommon for fires to break out that are related to gas leaks or fuel spills. In these situations, you will want to be alerted as soon as possible if a part of your home catches on fire. 

A security system can make it possible for you to interact with emergency responders. 

When the power goes down and phone lines are destroyed, some alarm systems do still work for communication purposes. This is because some operate via cell towers or even satellite communication to continuously provide a line of communication in the most severe situations. If you happen to get stranded in your home, you may still be able to reach out for help if you have a good security system installed with these capabilities. 

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